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Handmade Confections in Prides Crossing, MA

About prides crossing confections


In the late 19th century, luminaries of society…

built summer retreats in and around Prides Crossing. Presidents, authors, and wealthy scions rode the rails in town and escaped the withering heat of the city during the hottest months. These summer residents had a few things in common. Among them, a love of high quality, traditional goods; and a shared railway station for jumping on and off their private rail cars.

We are purposefully of the old school, inspiring nostalgia and delight while providing sumptuous sensory experiences for generations of local families and visitors. We make our confections on site, every day. Stop by, breathe in the aromas, experience the sights and sounds of real handmade confections.

Chris Flynn, the original owner and world-class chocolatier with over 30 years experience, created this gem in the heart of Beverly Farms/Prides Crossing. The shop resides in the old Prides Crossing train depot and when you walk in, it's like you stepped back in time or onto a movie set.  There are rows of glass counters with seemingly countless assortments of chocolates and other candies and the chocolate confections are utterly delicious and made by hand.

Although Chris is in retirement, he has passed down his original recipes.  We continue to make the same delicious caramel, toffee, turtles, peanut butter cups, creams and truffles all meticulously made by hand on the premises with all natural ingredients as well as experimenting with new recipes, too.  


NORTH SHORE MAGAZINE — Best Confectionary, Editor's choice

BOSTON FOOD LOVER — The Best of the Best Chocolatiers, Lisë Stern
"[Prides Crossing Confections] makes wonderful chocolates. [It’s] among the best chocolatiers I've visited. 'This profession makes people happy,' he says, and Prides Crossing Confections certainly does its job. The caramels, in various forms, are simply great."

BOSTON MAGAZINE — Best Chocolatier
"This confectioner, which started as the tiny store along Route 127, is the source for delicious chocolates, made on the premises. The barks are great, the jellies fruity, the fudge creamy. Best of all is the caramel, which appears in pecan turtles with almonds, or by itself."

"Inside the tiny building, smells of the chocolate and caramelizing sugar fill the air. Cases are overflowing with tantalizing creations. Everything is done by hand, and the chocolates are big, bold, and bursting with flavor, from creamy fudge and fruity jellies to luscious, buttery caramel. A visit here is definitely worth the trip."




 It all started…

a block away in Beverly Farms in 1982 and then moved to the Prides Crossing station about 20 years ago. We have built our reputation on world-class quality, attention to detail, and a sense of quiet luxury. Our confections recall a time when the world was a simpler place. Goods were made by hand, using the finest ingredients or materials. Artisans took immense pride in their work; so much, in fact, that some of them took their crafts as their names: Smith, Baker, Miller. Visit us to discover rich, vintage candies, and a traditional process kept alive by our chocolatier.